PB&L: About the Domain Name

Those of you who know me know that I love to write, and I write a LOT. Something you don’t know about me is that I carry peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with me on a daily basis so that I have something to give to people I see struggling on the street. Have you ever walked by a homeless person begging and thought, “I don’t want to give them money because I don’t know where it’s going… I wish I had something to give to them!” Well I am not suggesting that we never give money to people (neither am I suggesting we SHOULD give money to people on the street). However, what has transpired from giving sandwiches out is beyond my comprehension. I am fully aware that not everyone likes peanut butter, not everyone likes jelly, not everyone likes sandwiches. BUT I AM fully aware that the notion of giving is not lost in the food preferences of those who are graciously receiving; at least not in my experience. What giving out sandwiches has done for me has welcomed conversation (even if only in body language), allowed for natural human connection, brings a sense of fulfillment & purpose, and supersedes all language barriers. You see for me in this situation sandwiches are synonymous with love, and I think we can all agree that the world could use more love. It costs me the equivalent of $5 per week to make 21 sandwiches and sometimes I eat one if I don’t run into anyone on the street (added bonus for me!). It takes me under 20 seconds to make each sandwich, in fact; it has become a part of my routine like filling my water bottle on my break between work and class. I just always have a sandwich on me.

A sandwich a day represents the idea of paying it forward for me. I am a firm believer that we receive what we put out and my incredible life full of joy, love, and human connection is valid proof of that. So you are busy. So you are worried. So you are stressed out. So you have problems. There is always someone out there struggling more than YOU. But the attitude I hope to exude with my “a sandwich a day” mentality is that no matter OUR circumstances, we can always help someone else, always. A sandwich a day may not end world hunger or bring about world peace, but the idea is that we all play a part in this world and I hope that my efforts will encourage even one more person to do more to help ease the suffering of anyone who is in unfortunate circumstances for whatever their reason. I am not part of any particular organization, just humanity. I want us all to “win”, and I think that only happens if we “win” together. Remember, pain and suffering are temporary. Can you think of one reason NOT to give a sandwich to someone who needs it?

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